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How to prepare the Hummus recipe

To prepare the hummus you need some ingredients such as: 1 can chickpeas it must be drained and cooked well, 2 spoon of olive oil which must be more cleaned, 2 spoon of the tahini, 2 spoon of lemon juice, 2

Crispy pan-fried tofu recipes to taste

Tofu is one of the most effective fat burning foods which have been around for thousands of years in the world. Recently, discovers the health related and fat burning benefits of tofu which can be prepare it to great tastes and

Tips for preparing delicious tomato pepper mozzarella and caper salad

Today, people are love to eat healthy food items to build the body very stronger and fitter especially teenagers are now want to get very strong body so they are taking various healthy foods which involves more vitamins , minerals, protein,