Cook your favourite salmon fillets in your home

In this modern life style every folks should follow the latest food culture and enjoy the food time with their family members happier in recent days. Latest food items are now attracting all right now because it will be attractive and tastier. Almost all folks are now enjoying the weekend by going various hotels and restaurants with family to enjoy the latest food items. On the other hand many people are try the latest food recipes in their home to save more money easier as well as it is very healthy one also. Especially young people and adults prefer only the latest and classic food menus as well as they are wrongly thought that it will be prepared only by famous chef or buy form hotels. Now online websites are offering various food websites here you can get various types of latest food recipes and cooking tips also so it will be very useful to all folks can easily learn their favourite food recipes easier here. Good news is here you can see video cooking method so you can get perfect cooking idea for new recipe easier. Now many folks are searching various types of websites for how to make the salmon fillets with spinach almond pesto in your home right now. Almost all people are love the salmon fish more because it is very healthier to all age groups. Based on the Salmon fish there are huge number of food recipes are available especially the salmon fillets with spinach almond pesto is very tastier and favourite one to all.


Tips for prepare cooking the salmon and almond pesto and its ingredients

There are many salmon based recipes are available in the website according to your taste and desire you have to prepare and taste your favourite salmon recipes in your home faster and easier. Likewise those who are all very interested to prepare the salmon fillets with spinach almond pesto recipe in your home the following ingredients and cooking methods are really very useful for you.

  • Take fresh salmon fillets in 1 ¾ lb
  • Take ¾ sliced almonds and it will be roughly chopped
  • Take turmeric, ginger and cinnamon each will be ½ tsp
  • One cup of basil pesto


These are some basic and simple ingredients for preparing the hot and delicious and yummy salmon fillets with spinach almond pesto in your faster. Suppose you are invited any relatives to your home in that time you have to prepare this type of recipe very quickly and attract your relatives more.

Easy cooking method salmon fillets with spinach almond pesto


First of all pre heat the oven and take small bowl here you pour some oil lightly to all over 425 degree the bowl now place the salmon fillets and place some oil on the salmon fillets now pour the turmeric, ginger and cinnamon powder on the fillets now bake the fillets 15 mats mean while you have to prepare the almond pesto by using 1 ½ baby spinach, 1 garlic glove, ¼ blanched almonds blend the mixture one second and add extra virgin olive oil to grind the mixture well. Now salmon fillets with spinach almond pesto is ready for taste.