Healthy soup for the summer season

People in the recent days are having utmost concern about their health. They have started to follow proper life style and food habits to maintain their body in the proper way. There is variety of food items and they are being taken by the people in two different aspects. Some people will prefer the food items which are good for health. Meanwhile some of them will not have the health concern and they will choose the tasty food items. However the food that is taken by the people will determine their health. Fruits and salads are the best way to improve and maintain the health in the proper way. There are different kinds of fruits and each of them is having a health benefit. In most of the time, there are being used in the preparation of salads.


Ingredients for the Melon, Plum and Nectarine soup

The following ingredients are used in the preparation of the tasty and healthy Melon, plum and nectarine soup:

  • 1lb of chilled black plums. (It has to be peeled and sliced)
  • 1lb of chilled and diced nectarines.
  • 2 cups of water.
  • 2tbs of agave nectar.
  • Zest of 1 lime.
  • Juice of lime.
  • ½ cup of chopped seeded watermelon.


Preparation method of the soup

  • Take a blender and add the diced nectarines and a part of plums in it.
  • Add some amount of water to it.
  • Blend it partially until it extracts the juice out.
  • Make sure that you did not blend it completely.
  • Take a filter and separate the juice and the blended part of the fruits.
  • Press the blended fruit pieces and take out the complete amount of juice in it.
  • Place the remaining fruit particles aside.
  • Take the left over plum pieces and add it with the juice.
  • Also Mix the seeded watermelon in the juice and mix it slightly.
  • Finally take a soup bowl and shift the liquid juice to the bowl.
  • Add the fruit pieces also in the bowl.
  • Add the sweetening agent agave nectar
  • Add the zest of the lime as a small amount
  • Add lime juice to the soup and mix it thoroughly.
  • Decorate it with mint leaves on the top.
  • Now the tasty Melon, plum and nectarine soup is ready.


This soup can be taken by any group people and there are no restrictions in that. Since it is a healthy recipe, people can take to improve the health in a natural way. As fruits are used in the soup, it has the essential nutrients and healthy elements in it. It can be consumed at any season. Mostly people will take this kind of soup in the summer season. It is recommended for the people to use it often as a healthy diet. Many doctors suggest people to add fruits in their regular diet. This soup will be a healthy and delicious one to be taken in the regular routine.