How to prepare the Hummus recipe

To prepare the hummus you need some ingredients such as:

  • 1 can chickpeas it must be drained and cooked well,
  • 2 spoon of olive oil which must be more cleaned,
  • 2 spoon of the tahini,
  • 2 spoon of lemon juice, 2
  • Garlic which must be clove and it should be chopped roughly.


Use the salt as required and 1 spoon black pepper and also use some vegetables which must be sliced and procedure to make the hummus is: using the strainer drain the chickpeas and use cool water and rinse it well and just pinch the skin of the chickpeas which gives the hummus very smoother and add all the chickpeas, olive oil, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper in one bowl of the blender. The process must be continuous until the hummus become smoother and taste of the more delicious by adding one or more extra ingredients in the recipe and don’t let the hummus become stiffer and the recipe can be in the taste of eating and lemon juice in the recipe to become thin and the hummus must become creamier. Use the sliced vegetables in the hummus by scrape the bowl and sealed in the container and refrigerate the hummus up to one week then the hummus will have more delicious and good taste.


Facts about the hummus recipe and benefit of the hummus

In hummus recipe, we use the chickpeas which are more sweet and nutty, while blending it become creamy and if you add tahini and healthy and clean olive oil. If you add the lemon juice then it balance the garlic and pungent and taste will be more better if the spices are added in the hummus and the canned chickpeas we used in the recipe is readily available which can be easily stored it is good for the health but avoid using more canned readymade chickpeas. If the hummus which is smoother is tastier easy to pinch the skin of chickpeas and the tahini used in the recipe is sight bitter taste and you store the tahini in the fridge which is used for the salad and grilled food items and also used for sandwiches and this tahini gives more taste to the recipes and it more good for the health. While making the hummus you have to add some species which is more appropriate for the recipe and the spices you added in the recipe must be fresh and you can prepare this recipe home on your own. There are various hummus food items are available by adding different ingredients, you can use some scratches, beans or some species like cumin, surnac, etc which gives you different taste of the hummus and you have to use the chopped preserved lemon for preparing the recipes and use can also use chopped black or green olive oil instead of using olive hummus. You can use the toasted vegetable in the hummus and other ingredients to prepare the hummus with various tastes.