Make olive tapenade to top on bread and sandwich

Olive tapenade is very easy to make. You will require only few minutes to make this sauce. This is a delicious sauce and it can be included in the meal as a dip. People can make this solid sauce at home and use it as the toppings for bread, sandwiches, poultry and even fish. Tapenade is nothing but a healthy sauce people can eat. This is the best alternate option for ketchups. Ingredients used in making this solid sauce will be mostly olives. Let us see the ingredients required for making the best toppings.



  • One quarter cup of pitted black olives and kalamata or picholine.
  • One teaspoon of capers
  • One chopped garlic clove
  • Two tablespoons of Olive oil
  • Grounded pepper


Simple steps to make olive tapenade

Follow these simple steps to make the olive tapenade at home.

  • Place the pitted black olives, picholine or kalamatta in a food processor.
  • Add the above mentioned amount of capers and chopped garlic clove to the olives. Make sure you have rinsed and drained the capers well.
  • Grind these ingredients until you obtain coarse texture of the ingredients. Then slow the speed of the processor and add olive oil in the mixture.
  • Turn off the processor and you can get a paste like consistency.
  • Finally add some grounded pepper to the paste for taste.


This is a tasty topping for salad, half bread, pastas and sandwiches. Enjoy your breakfast with the olive tapenade toppings on any of these items. You can store it in an air sealed container and use it whenever you need. Some people may wish to have extra flavor. Such people can flavor the tapenade with ingredients such as lemon juice and liquor. Since tapenade sauce is quite bitter due to the olives you can season the sauce with any of your favorite spices and bring out different flavors.


Health benefits of olive tapenade

Olive tapenade is one among the healthiest sauces that anyone can eat. If you want to stay healthy, you can replace ketchups and processed condiments with olive tapenade sauce. Processed condiments may contain more added sugars. With kalamatta and olives as the major ingredients, this is packed with essential nutrients. This sauce contains iron, fiber, antioxidants and iodine. Even tapenade contains high amounts of vitamins E and B, magnesium and phosphorous. Minerals and vitamins have good effects on energy, muscle, bones, blood pressure and immune system. tapenade also contains omega fatty acids that can help people suffering from diabetes to manage inflammation. Since it contains small amount of fat people should consume proper amount of tapenade sauce. However, the fats in this healthy sauce are healthy fats that can lower the bad cholesterol and prevent heart disease. In many countries, olive tapenade has been used as sauce for many recipes. Most often it is served with chicken recipes, pork chops and steak cuts. Even it goes well with shrimp, scampi, mussels and other sea foods. Some cultures have been following the way of eating olive tapenade with bread as a spread.